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With Best-in-class partners, we deliver integrated rugged Edge Computing and IoT solutions that reduce our clients’ costs and increase efficiency.


Started in 1984, CDCE originally provided hardware upgrades for enterprise clients. As the world of computing evolved into the Mobile Era, CDCE evolved to serve and support the pivot. We introduced the corporate world to rugged notebooks and rugged tablets, and pioneered the in-car deployments many public safety and utilities use today. With more than 20,000 rugged notebook and rugged tablet deployments and several thousand clients, we are continuing to expand our team with the experiences and certified personnel needed to maintain our industry leading service and product offerings.

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Todays mobile environment has extended beyond the corporate needs into the living rooms and kitchens of the world.  Mobile devices have proliferated beyond imagination, and usage of tablets has never been higher.  While outstanding for the general population, this evolution and expansion of mobile computing has muddied the waters for enterprise business.  In this new environment, businesses are presented with an over-abundance of consumer grade device  choices, a mind-numbing selection of wireless options and contracts, as well as uncertain or confusing warranty and service terms – not to mention the IT challenge called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

In this consumer grade, BYOD mobile environment, we have had to sharpen our focus on enterprise mobility and clarify for businesses what an effective and reliable mobile solution consists of.  This focus has brought about the industry’s only True Mobility™ Solution.  True Mobility™ cuts through the consumer device hype, and takes into account all the disciplines needed to design, deploy, and maintain a reliable enterprise mobile computing solution. Today, too many businesses prematurely deploy consumer grade tablets and falsely assume a mobile-ready workforce.  Achieving True Mobility™ can only be accomplished through optimizing every facet of the technology deployed, understanding the return on investment, and planning beyond the life of the device.  Obtaining True Mobility through leveraging a rugged notebook, rugged tablet, and our suite of support services not only reduces costs and improves efficiencies, but also raises customer satisfaction, increases system up-time, and helps to ensure a healthier bottom line.

The future has yet to be written, but CDCE is helping to write the chapter of enterprise mobile computing under the heading True Mobility™.