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The Mobile Broadband Kit is an affordable and easy way to provide your mobile workers with secure 4G LTE Advanced, FirstNet, and even 5G* networking connectivity where and when they need it.

The CDCE Mobile Broadband Kit is a “grab-and-go” rapid networking solution that enables public agencies, schools and business administrators to quickly establish a secure and robust internet “hot spot” to allow staff and first responders to access to critical system network services.

FirstNet Ready

Your Mobile Broadband Kit is not only a fantastic solution for Emergency Operations in the field, but with the option to leverage public safety wireless networks such as FirstNet®, public safety and first responder organizations around the country can move where they need to be, have access to all their departmental network resources on a secure and robust wireless environment created and dedicated to helping them get the job done – no matter where it takes them.

Available Routers

Key Features