Solving the Mobility Puzzle takes more than Just a Rugged Notebook or Rugged Tablet.


Any mobility solution that fails to take into account all four quadrants of True Mobility™ is destined to fail. Without each piece of the mobility puzzle working to its potential, you will never achieve the reliability, flexibility, or the productivity your mobile workers need.

Rugged Notebook, Rugged Tablet, and Rugged Handheld Devices

The cornerstone of a True Mobility solution is the rugged notebook, rugged tablet, or rugged handheld being used in the field. Rugged mobile devices provide the durability mobile workers need to remain productive, provide a lower total cost of ownership throughout their life cycle, and are easier to support in the field. Deploying a consumer device may have a lower initial cost, but studies have proven that rugged notebooks, rugged tablets, or rugged handheld devices cost less over the long haul. Add into your solution the vehicle docking mounts and related peripherals, and you’ve created a rugged and reliable mobile office.

At CDCE, we help organizations find the right device to match their workflow, bringing industry leading manufacturers to the table, and working with your team to select and deploy the cornerstone of their True Mobility solution.

Support Services

No mobile worker can do it all alone. They need professionals to support them and their devices in the field. Whether it is warranty repair services, connectivity issues, software errors, or mounting hardware related, True Mobility demands an at-your-fingertips, certified and experienced support team. Trying to manage, support, and repair a rugged notebook or rugged tablet deployment without support back up is like trying to conduct and play every instrument in an orchestra.

Our support team consists of over twenty mobile field technicians, a toll free helpdesk, and service level agreements providing up to 24/7 support. With “No-Fault” warranties available, even the worst accident is covered and your work continues uninterrupted.

Industry Specific Software

We all need that “Killer Application”. Without a functional, industry specific software application, your rugged notebook or rugged tablet devices are going to be horribly underutilized or worse, utilized for non-work related tasks. The software must be tailored to your workflow, and compliment how your teams work – not forcing them to learn an entirely new process. True Mobility demands useful, efficient, and user-friendly software.

CDCE has established relationships with industry leading software manufacturers in every vertical market we serve. Our support teams are certified with, and support basic user needs for each of our offerings. Finding the right software is challenging, but we make it easier by providing working evaluation software on the rugged mobile device of your choice.

Back-End Hardware and Services

Often overlooked by organizations deploying mobile devices, their back-end networks are frequently overloaded or fail under the added burden of supporting mobile users. Updating your servers, network, and mobile software applications is a key step in ensuring you realize True Mobility™. As part of our True Mobility™ solution, our presales engineering team will review your current installation, and provide you written recommendations for hardware, software, middleware, and any other upgrades deemed necessary to optimize your network reliability.

CDCE is partnered with HP for server installations and Microsoft Certified for Server 2012.


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