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Rugged Notebooks

Work smart. Work tough.

Toughbook has the intelligence and grit needed to succeed in ruthless conditions. The durability, reliability, “always-on” connectivity, and lower total cost of ownership are just a few reasons the world’s toughest users choose Toughbook.


The Rugged Original
Still Undefeated


The 14 inch Lightweight
Champion of the World

Failure Rates Matter.

For mobile computer users, computer failure is not an option. Downtime results in lost productivity and costly repair expenses.

Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers and Toughpad tablets rarely fail. In fact, Panasonic mobile computers and tablets are nearly ten times more reliable than standard business laptops and tablets. PC Magazine, in its May 2011 issue, reported an industry average failure rate of 15%. Panasonic’s service records (as of June 2011, for units in and out of warranty) show an average annual failure rate of only 2.4% for Toughbook mobile computers.