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  • Deployment Services

    Our deployment services are designed to minimize deployment challenges. Our experienced team works with you from start to finish, developing a tailored plan that assures your rugged notebook and/or rugged tablet deployment not only achieves all your objectives, but helps to future-proof your initiatives by providing upgrade options and system modification programs.

  • Installation Services

    Whether in a vehicle, on your desk, or in your server room, our team of experienced installers will make it happen. Our technicians have over 15 years of experience integrating rugged notebook and rugged tablet deployments, mounting hardware and power management systems into hundreds of different makes and models of vehicles and our installations are designed and deployed with attention to operator and passenger safety – ensuring factory air bags and seat belts are not impeded from operating as design. If your brick and mortar facility needs computers, displays, or related back-end hardware installed, our installation team is experienced and knowledgeable at meeting the state and federal guidelines required. We will perform a site survey, design an installation plan, and execute it with precision.

  • Support Services

    You are not alone. Our certified technicians are available to help you overcome the issues that inevitably pop up.  We include toll free phone support for the life of every rugged notebook and rugged tablet you purchase through CDCE. Basic phone support is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM until 5:00 PM weekdays. If your team requires extended support hours – nights and weekends – we can tailor a support level agreement to meet your needs.

  • Extended Warranties

    Many of the manufacturers we partner with offer an extended warranty for the rugged notebook and rugged tablet solution we provide. Due to our long term relationships with our hardware manufacturers, we are able to offer extended warranties on new purchases at a savings to our clients.  Extended warranties are available on equipment that is already deployed; however, there are factors that affect availability and cost. Please ask your CDCE Mobility Solutions Consultant for a review of your options, or contact our home office to learn more.

  • Authorized Panasonic Repair Depot Services

    CDCE is the only Authorized Toughbook® Repair Facility in California. This unique capability allows us to save our clients time and money by keeping any warranty work that needs to be done right here on the west coast. Our clients avoid shipping their rugged notebook or rugged tablet – our service times are faster, and their mobile workers are back up and running quickly.

  • Electronic Device Recycling

    Part of our social contract is the environmentally responsible recycling of our electronic devices. CDCE can assist you in planning for your rugged notebook or rugged tablet end-of-service. Technology changes rapidly, but your legacy mobile computers still have some value. CDCE offers a used mobile computer trade in program for your retiring devices, and the trade in value is applied directly to your new mobile device deployment purchase.

  • Leasing Options

    Flexible financing options are a must in these economic times. Leverage our strong relationships with lending institutions to fund your entire project without the large up-front capital expense. Gain the added benefit of moving your rugged notebook or rugged tablet purchase from a capital expense to a operational expense, and being able to refresh every 3-5 years without worry.

  • GSA Contracts

    Our Public Sector clients have access to an extensive list of approved GSA Contract products and services – simplifying the procurement process for rugged notebook and rugged tablet purchases and providing pricing stability.