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What is the True Mobility Platform?

The True Mobility Platform is a comprehensive hardware and services package that allows field services companies to enjoy the benefits of an enterprise grade field mobility solution without the need for a large capital investment.  Made up of the four components every successful field mobility solution needs, the True Mobility Platform provides hardware, software, support, and back-end services.


The hardware component contains a wide variety of industry leading rugged notebooks and tablets, all designed to meet the varied workflow and environmental challenges field workers face.


The software component includes our field service software, running natively on Windows OS or offered as a web-based application on rugged Android devices as well as iOS platforms.  Software development is included in the platform, allowing our programmers to tailor your application to fit  the unique needs of your organization and to make your transition into electronic work orders easier by digitally replicating your paper forms and processes.


The support component consists of all the IT support services you will need to ensure your project is a success. Our project management team works with your staff, carrying the project through planning and deployment, and then our IT support team members are with your end users the rest of the way – resolving issues and keeping productivity high.


The True Mobility platform is a software as a service(SAAS) offering, as such, the back-end component is handled completely on our end. Working during your off hours, our network engineers provide seamless software updates and the server maintenance necessary for maintaining the application uptime you need without you ever needing to stop work or lift a finger.

If your field services company has not made the transition to digital work orders yet, or if your current solution just isn’t working as intended, now is the time to get on the only comprehensive field services platform – The True Mobility Platform.